Friday, December 14, 2012

Pine siskin, pine siskin, REDPOLL!

Today was the first time that I have been able to get out birding in a while.  I checked out East Fork first.  There wasn't much of anything going on here at all.  I then decided to go the Washington Twp. Park to see if any more odd geese have shown up.  I found no geese other than Canada Geese.  I did find my first of the season Hermit Thrush on one of the trails though.

However, when I got out home and stepped out of the car, I thought I had seen some reddish hues on one of the many Pine Siskins that was on one of my thistle feeders.  The bird was on the backside of the feeder.  I figured it was just a trick of lighting and proceeded to go into my house.  The feeder than turned in the breeze and then I noticed that I was looking at a male Common Redpoll!  This particular feeder is right next to the porch.  I was very close to the bird, and since I just got back from birding, I had my camera around my neck.  I was able to get this very fast shot of the bird before I spooked it.

Common Redpoll male, 12/14/12 Backyard

This is only the second redpoll that I have ever seen here.  The last and only other time was a female in November of 1999.  It stayed off and on for about a month.  

Filled the feeders back up hoping that something else nice shows up (I'll accept more redpolls too!)

Keep them trickling down!

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  1. I'd be happy just to see the Pine Siskin. Can you send one my way?