Friday, December 28, 2012

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Decided to check the beach at East Fork State Park after work today to see what may have changed bird wise since the weather had changed dramatically. The gulls numbered in the thousands with Ring-billed being the most numerous with both Herring and Bonaparte's Gulls mixed in.

While scanning through the gulls, I came across a very dark-backed gull that stood out from the others.  I am not at all experienced in gull ID.

I usually just try to find one that doesn't look like the others and study it to see what it might or might not be.  I am slowly becoming more confident in my gull ID, but we don't get much in the way of practice here in SW Ohio.  The bird in question was not as large as a Herring Gull, but larger than the nearby Ring-billed.  When the bird flew, I could see the white border of the back of the wing contrasting with the dark mantle.  Once on the water and at quite a distance, I could pick the bird out among both Ring-billed and immature Herring Gulls.  That being said, here are some photos of a gull that I am fairly sure is a 3rd winter or winter adult Lesser Black-backed Gull.  The pics were taken in very poor light and at a great distance with no other gulls for comparison.




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  1. Cool! I found my first Lesser Black-backed Gull this year.