Thursday, October 11, 2012

Black-bellied Plover at East Fork

This bird was on the beach at East Fork State Park this evening.  I called it a American Golden Plover juvenile.  I now see that another plover was photographed by another birder with a better camera there this morning that clearly appears to be a Black-bellied Plover.

The 1st reason I called this bird a American Golden Plover is the strong eye line.  It also appeared to have some gold speckling on the back.  I wonder if this is a trick of the bad evening light.  Comments appreciated.  I do not think this is the same bird photographed earlier in the day by another birder.

Here are the pics:







*Update - Ided as a Back-bellied plover by another birder with more experience with the large plovers.  This is cool, because this would be only the second time I have seen one.  This is most likely the same bird photographed earlier in the day.  The setting sun made the lighting a challenge.  Hoping to get back out there for some better pics today.

**Update #2:  I went back to see if I could get a better look at the bird.  I quickly found the bird very near the same spot as yesterday.  I was able to get pictures that confirm the bird is definitely a Black-bellied.  It is the same bird that Dave Tibbetts photographed earlier in the day yesterday.  The lighting of the setting sun had added golden colors where none existed.  Below are the pics from today around mid day.

Black-bellied Plover

Black-bellied Plover

Black-bellied Plover

Black-bellied Plover

Hi, why you looking at me!!!

Black-bellied Plover

The photo above of the underwing is exact to the bird Dave photographed earlier in the day yesterday.

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