Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A little surprise...

While up-righting my potted plants on the patio from the storms this afternoon, this little Eastern Garter Snake came out from underneath one of the plants and jumped at my hand. It was not a happy camper!

I think it may be close to or had just shed its skin.

It wasn't much bigger than the night crawlers that I use for fishing!


  1. Wow, it would have been me jumping back. Great shots.

  2. are they grumpier in the fall? that's the second one I've hear do that lately

  3. What a great surprise! I love finding snakes--I'd rather not have them jump at me though, but he's so pretty that makes up for it!

  4. I know they are out there . . . but I try not to think about it - even when I hear rustling noises in the leaves!