Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dreary day birding

The morning started out dreary with light rain/mist and low clouds. Being that it was my day off, I decided to look for birds ( a big surprise there ;-)

The first bird that I saw out the back door was this bright Northern Parula - this photo is from the back door in poor lighting. Definitely brightened up the day!

Northern Parula

I then decided to head for East Fork State Park. Got a later start then I wanted to, but the birding was good for warblers in the backyard early on.

Saw more Ospreys, 5 in total. One was dive-bombing an adult Bald Eagle high above the lake!


Also saw 40 Blue-winged Teal way out over the lake. A Sharp-shinned Hawk also attempted a sneak attack on some European Starlings and Killdeer right in front of me. Not a bad way to spend my day off!

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  1. sounds awesome! Sometimes dreary days are best :O)