Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Queen City Bird Festival

Saturday, May 15th, my mother and nephews, Ashley and I attended the 3rd Annual Queen City Bird Festival held at Hueston Woods State Park in Butler Co. Ohio. The Queen City Bird Festival was created by my friend Jill Russell from the Avian Research and Education Institute. She is the one that brings it all together and makes it all happen. Other local organizations and institutions that also help make it all possible include Oxbow Inc., Audubon Miami Valley and the College of Mount St. Joseph.

As in previous years, I helped out by running a station for children teaching them how to identify common birds that they may see around their feeders and yards. I am always surprised by the breadth of knowledge of these kids. There were numerous educational and entertaining events for the young birders ranging from bird bingo and face painting to bird banding and bird walks. A highlight for many was a flyover of an adult Bald Eagle right over the crowd!

The Keynote Speaker for the event was Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. I always get moved to do more for conservation after hearing him speak about the progress that has been and is still occurring with endangered species.

Thane Maynard brought along his friend Charlie, an African Penguin. He was a big hit with the kids!

This year, I was able to bring two of my nephews to the event. They loved it! They told their siblings about it and they want to go next year!

My nephews at the Queen City Bird Festival with their Audubon Plush Birds they won.


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  2. Great,It's so important to reach the children with the importance of nature

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  4. Sharing nature with children is admirable. Hearing how they enjoy it is music to my ears! Seeing the smiles on their faces puts a smile on MY face. ~karen