Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A day of woodpeckers

I spotted this Red-headed Woodpecker down the street from the house yesterday. This is only the third time I have ever seen this bird from the yard. The bird was far away and very skittish. It was also raining when I took these bad pictures.

On a sad note, while taking these pictures, I found a dead male Red-bellied Woodpecker laying on the ground under a utility pole. It looked to have been electrocuted.


  1. Cor, he has got a fat bellie?

  2. I saw my first red-headed woodpecker this year; the red head is beautiful! Sorry about the dead bird; I recently removed a dead sparrow from our yard, I know that seeing any bird dead is a sad moment for a birder.

  3. Hi Donald
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and just had a look through yours (some nice stuff there)its good to see some of the wildlife from that side of the pond. Also I like the way you do things to get youngsters interested in wildlife.which I feel is important.
    Like it I will be back.

  4. Hello Donald,
    thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is very interesting too. Precious the red-headed woodpecker, here not so.
    greetings from Spain!
    My english is a translator, sorry!

  5. Great looking birds. I was watching The Life of Birds yesterday which has a great little section on how these guys have different ways to gather nectar and store acorns.

  6. ....great catch! I would love to have a Red-headed Woodpecker around my house. I've only seen one this year, and that was in South Carolina! I hope you continue to get visits from him.

  7. Thanks for visiting Wings Among Us. You have a great blog.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best regards,

  8. Woodpeckers and sapsuckers are an interesting lot. We now have a Downy and several flickers visiting our yard. Thanks.

  9. Hi Donald
    Thanks for following my own blogs. The Red Headed Woodpecker is a lovely bird, we do not get them here in the UK.
    Love the blog will keep visiting now.

  10. I love the redheaded woodie, one of my favorites. Great photos and sighting.

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  12. hi Donald

    great blog.

    regards from Spain

  13. Dear Donald,
    My mom and I found your blog. We have woodpeckers in our neighborhood. Tell us, is the picture at the top of your blog a picture of you holding a red shouldered hawk? That's what I think it is! Blue Jays copycat call the red shouldered hawk, and we hear it in our neighborhood a lot.
    From Arden who likes to watch birds

  14. Hi, Arden: Yes, the bird that I am holding in the picture is a Red-shouldered Hawk.