Monday, April 30, 2018

East Fork Birding Festival 2018

Here are times of scheduled events for this year. The festival goes both days, May 5-6. Birding field trips are done when enough people are present and would like to go looking at a certain species or location in the park. Most birding will be done in the mornings, however I will be available all day both days. All events held at the south beach Matt Maupin shelter. Field trips will meet here as well.
10am Saturday, May 5th. Asian Longhorned Beetle talk. The outreach coordinator for the program will give a short talk and answer questions about the program.
11am Saturday, May 5th. Bird photography with Mark Kraus. Mark has been photographing wildlife in East Fork SP for years. He recently photographed a Yellow-throated Warber at East Fork SP which was banded. The bird was banded in Alabama in 2011, setting a new longevity record for the species for NA!
~8:30pm Saturday, May 5th. Woodcock and Owl night forage. We will try to call in some owls. In the past, we have had good success. We will also look to see if we can catch the woodcocks dancing. No flashlights needed. Meet at south beach shelter.