Friday, July 12, 2013

Cool news!

There was a request for the need of certain bird photos for an exhibit posted to the Ohio Birds email list not too long back.  The exhibit would be about Alexander Wilson and would be at the Paisley Museum in Scotland.  I looked and the list of photos that they still needed for their exhibit and found that I had one of a those - the Kentucky Warbler!

This is one of my favorite photos that I have taken.  I just got very lucky.  Here is the photo that was used in the exhibit:

                   Kentucky Warbler

It was a bird that was discovered by Alexander Wilson himself, the Kentucky Warbler.

Here is a picture of the pictures hanging in the exhibit in Scotland with other pics of birds by another photographer Steve Jones.  My pic is the 2nd from the right in the 2nd row down.

If you can't go to Scotland and see the exhibit (I can't, but wish I could!) , it is also online here 

Here is a direct link to my pic - Kentucky Warbler

Special thanks to Edward Lux and Dr. Jed Burtt for this opportunity.  Also want to thank photographer Steve Jones for notifying me about the online exhibit.


  1. Congratulations, Donald! That's awesome!

  2. What a wonderful honor for your warbler to be on the wall! Congrats, beautiful photo!