Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My mini vacation...

I have had a lot going on recently, some of which was not so pleasant. I really could use a vacation.  So I decided to think big...

My first trip was to Japan, where I found these beautiful Tree Nymph Butterflies.

Tree Nymph

Tree Nymph

Tree Nymph

From there I went to South Asia area...

These Blue Clipper Butterflies were very common.

Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper

Blue Clipper

This butterfly changed colors with every angle!

Diadem Butterfly

From Asia, I decided to travel to South America.  I spotted this nice looking Zuleika Butterfly.

Zuleika Butterfly

This Cydno Butterfly was cool too.

Cydno Butterfly

Then, I thought I spotted an owl!  Haven't been seeing many birds on my travels...

Ah - Owl Butterflies.  So cool.

See the owl?  Owl butterflies

Then I spotted the most awesome butterfly there is, a Blue Morphos.  I wish they would spread their wings!

Blue Morphos

I then spied what I think is a Postman Butterfly.  Very cool looking.

Postman Butterfly

Postman Butterfly

I don't know where I am at now, the sign says Morocco, but I don't think I am in Morocco!  Anyway, I found these cool butterflies here too.


I like the red spots.

This butterfly is just the coolest looking butterfly I have ever seen.  I don't know what it is but it is cool!


I am now back in the Southern US.  Still seeing good butterflies, like this Queen.  

Queen female

And this Zebra Longwing.

Zebra longwing

I bet that you are wondering how Donald the Birder could have traveled all over the world and not got one single bird picture?  Well, I really haven't left Cincinnati.  I attended the Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservancy.  Very beautiful.  I recommend it.

I have recently had my cameras and spotting scope stolen out of my house.  This has caused a small blip in my birding adventures as well as a considerable financial blow, but I have now got a new camera. Still trying to get used to it.  

Since I am on the topic of butterflies, I thought that I would share some local pictures I got while attending the East Fork Butterfly Count this year on June 8th.  I was able to get a new species, although I didn't spot it first.

One of the most numerous butterflies were Summer Azures.  They were everywhere.  Not so easy to get a pic, they don't stop.

Summer Azure

This Northern Pearly-eye was very cooperative.  Such a nice looking butterfly!

Northern Pearly-eye

I think this is a Tawny-edged Skipper.  Or is it a Crossline?  I am definitely rusty on my skippers!!

Tawny edged Skipper?

But the COOLEST butterfly I saw on the count was this Striped Hairstreak found by another butterflier at the visitor center on Slade Rd.  I have never seen one before.  Very cool.

Striped Hairstreak, East Fork Slade Rd.

I have been out birding with the new camera.  I have seen some cool birds as well.  I guarantee that my next post will feature birds!

Whatever life throws at you, never stop enjoying the beauty of nature!

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  1. Sorry to hear your equipment was stolen..ouch! This is an inspiring post..altho' I do object to any animal caged out of its natural have made a creative vidual feast from it.. And yes, let us hope nature is with us to assuage whatever pain comes our way..