Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Random Merlin

Haven't been able to get out much with work, so today I decided to make a quick stop by the beach at East Fork after work.  Scanning the gulls on the beach turned up nothing of note.  I proceeded to walk the beach when I noticed an Osprey sitting in a dead tree near the water (the Red-headed Woodpecker tree).  As I approached the said tree, the Osprey took flight and went out of sight.  I then noticed a dark small raptor sitting to the top right of where the Osprey was sitting in the dead tree.  I could not tell what it was at first, so I walked closer.  Upon closer approach, I could see that it was a small falcon.  It was too small to be the recently seen Peregrine.  It looked too chunky to be a Kestrel.  There is only one bird it could be - a Merlin.

The bird was still fairly far away.  Merlins used to be hard to find, but no so much now it seems.



The Merlin stayed perched and continued to preen for about a half hour or more.  A non-birder then walked up and asked what I was looking at.  I showed him the bird.  The conversation then turned to Bald Eagles, and about twenty minutes after we were discussing eagles, an immature Bald Eagle flew overhead.  I let him use my binoculars to view the eagle, for which he was very grateful.  

After the Merlin, I watched the Osprey fishing off of the beach.  I don't have much luck with trying to photograph them while they are fishing.  Below is an example:

(The bird is completely under the water)

Osprey under water

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  1. Wonderful capture of the Merlin. How nice of you to help a new birder along!