Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting ready for the Midwest Birding Symposium!

Will be heading to Lakeside, Ohio tomorrow morning for the 2011 Midwest Birding Symposium. Been looking forward to it for a while. I had a wonderful time in 2009.

I will be guiding bird walks at East Harbor State Park on Friday and Saturday during the symposium. Have been out practicing my fall Warblers at East Fork State Park. There is a reason that you don't see many warbler pictures on my blog. I am lucky if I can see them good enough to make an ID! Here are some pics from the other day.

I always feel rusty every fall, but I find that it is mostly unwarranted - a good thing :-)

Magnolia Warbler
Magnolia Warbler through the vegetation

A little better,

Tennessee Warbler
Tennessee Warbler

And here is why you don't see many warbler shots on my blog: (see if you can ID this warbler, look at the head)


And here is another,


Don't have a prize, just for fun. I will post the answers soon.


  1. I think I found one in the middle, and in the last photo maybe it's the green body? Not sure...

  2. The top photo is a black and white and the bottom one is a Tennessee