Thursday, October 14, 2010

A gorgeous fall day spent birding

I spent a gorgeous fall day in the backyard watching the birds flit about the golden-yellow sugar maple leaves in the backyard.

The drought has had the birdbath super busy lately, as I had to fill it up three times today. The day started off cool, in the mid 40's. The trees were filled with shivering, puffed-up Chipping Sparrows this morning. They all seemed to hit the birdbath at about the same time!

I keep my lawn a little longer than usual in the fall. The sparrows seem to love the seeds on the grasses. The yard was filled with over 20 chippies this morning.

Chipping Sparrows (fall plumage)

The Chipping Sparrows were chasing each other through the trees constantly. Every time I would look at a bird, it was a chippie. Then, a yellowish bird caught my eyes behind the leaves. The bird was playing hide and seek.

"Hey you, what am I?"

"How about now?" ah, a Tennessee Warbler (Had it misidentified on my camera)

"Hey, you takin' my picture?"

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  1. Nice! My yard has only attracted House Sparrows and House Finches lately...