Sunday, January 03, 2010

27th Annual East Fork Christmas Bird Count

Saturday, January 2nd was the 27th Annual East Fork Christmas Bird Count. This is my favorite of the two Cincinnati area counts that I participate in. (I only live about a mile outside of the circle)

I got a late start, so I wasn't able to do much owling. It was very cold and windy, and I wasn't able to call in any owls. (I had count week CW on Eastern Screech-owl).

Despite the cold, it turned out to be a very good day! (Most of the birding was done from the warm vehicle :-)

Here are some photo highlights from the day:

The first Red-headed Woodpecker of the day. We saw 20 more before the end of the day!

A little side-note: Most of the Red-headed Woodpeckers that we got I called in by making a sound that they can't seem to resist. You can make this sound by making a fist and blowing into it like playing a trumpet - make sure your lips are closed. If done right, they will respond within seconds.

One of the Rusty Blackbirds

Leucistic or piebald Northern Cardinal. Isn't this a cool looking bird?!


  1. WOW, how lucky to see all those Redheaded Woodies. They are one of my favorites. Thats one cool looking cardinal.

  2. That's once crazy-looking Cardinal! Great sighting!

  3. That poor little cardinal!

  4. I've never seen a leucistic bird. Would love to one of these days. Very cool!! ....and wow! Over 20 Red-heads!

  5. I have only ever seen a woodpecker around here twice in 28 years. I'll be back to see more later.

  6. Great photos donald.

  7. Great looking birds. Excellent captures.

  8. Great blog, very interesting!

    I had never see a leucistic cardinal before!