Thursday, September 17, 2009

Early American Pipit

I decided to stop by East Fork State Park Wednesday morning before going to the store to get everything I need for the upcoming Midwest Birding Symposium. Since there was only one fisherman on the beach, I thought I might have a chance of seeing some shorebirds. There wasn't much going on bird wise, despite the lack of people and dogs. I did manage to see one Pectoral Sandpiper looking for bugs in the grass with the Killdeer - it even puffed up and threatened the Killdeer - pretty cool. There was also an Osprey flying around.

Went to the other side of the beach by the fisherman, I wasn't expecting to see anything. From a considerable distance, a small bird briefly caught my eye in the grass. I was hoping it was another wondering Northern Wheatear, but I know that would be unlikely. I went over to investigate and found this American Pipit (Anthus rubescens) (dang, but still good bird) chasing bugs in the grass with a Killdeer.

If everything goes right with my laptop, my next post should be from the south shore of Lake Erie from the Midwest Birding Symposium.


  1. So that would be what we, over here in Britain, would call a Buff bellied pipit,Anthus rubescens ?

  2. Anthus rubescens it is, don't/didn't know what it is commonly called outside of NA.

  3. This pitpit is very closely related to the Grassland pipit in Africa.