Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 Queen City Bird Festival

Volunteered for the Queen City Bird Festival held at Hueston Woods State Park last Saturday. It was a nice change of pace for me. I enjoyed talking to children and adults about birds, much more enjoying than dealing with threats of violence from coworkers at work.

I was at the bird feet table, which teaches children about how a birds' feet are adapted to their way of life. I was able to demonstrate with real specimens. I had a good time, the children were learning - always good. It seemed to me that we had a good turnout, but there could always have been more people!

I decided to stay at the lodge, since I planed on attending both days. There were vultures sitting on the balcony just outside the door and all over the building.

Black Vulture sitting on the balcony outside the room.

I want to thank Dr.s Jill and Dave Russell and all those involved with the QCBF for taking the lead in educating people, especially youth in the tri-state about birds. Their work with the Avian Research & Education Institute and with the Queen City Birders Club is to be commended.

Sunday, I paid a visit to the banding station at Hueston Woods State Park. Some good birds were caught, including a RT hummingbird. Some pics are below.

Canada Warbler

Bander Dave Russell with a Northern Waterthrush

Young male Indigo Bunting

Triall's Flycatcher (can't be ID in hand, song must be heard to ID)

A protesting Barn Swallow (Dave's first time banding this species)

Children always love seeing the the birds like this male Baltimore Oriole up close. Hopefully he will grow up to pursue a career in science or at least gain respect for our earth.

Hummingbird bander Tim Tolford with a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

This is how small a hummingbird band is!

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