Sunday, January 04, 2009

East Fork Christmas Bird Count

Jaime and I attended the East Fork CBC Saturday. This is always my favorite count to go on because it is near my home and covers places I am familiar with. It always proves that there are good birds all around us, but most go unnoticed by birders. All in all, got good birds, met new birders, very good day.

Went owling before the count and was able to get/call in 2 Great Horned Owls, 2 Barred Owls, and 1 Screech Owl, all of them from the park property, which is not always easy - off to good start.

The morning started out very slow (a little cold), but as the day got later, the birds got better.

There was no tally, so I do not know what others groups may have. I know ours had some good birds.

Some pictures from the day:

Sandhill Cranes in Salt Air (name of small town),

I spotted a distant raptor that looked different from the many kestrels we were seeing (both a good thing). We stopped, got closer looks and confirmed a Merlin (also later saw bird in flight). This was outside of Bethel on country roads. Not a good photo, but better than my other pic of a merlin that was right in front of me (my old crappy camera).

Many raptors. Some of our group's better birds were:

1 Rusty Blackbird
Sandhill Cranes
A Merlin
A male Purple Finch
2 Fox Sparrows

May be missing something.


  1. Donald:

    I had to work and so missed the east Fork CBC. Where did you get the merlin (and the harrier) in our area? I would love to find them.


  2. You know, I don't know for sure. I guess we got too excited to mark the location. I am wanting to say Swope Rd. South of Bethel for some reason, but don't know for sure. It was high up in a tree in someone's front yard, then flew to a far away tree on the side of the rd.

  3. Shoot, I drive by Swope Rd every day! I will have to look more closely at all the Kestrels I see on 133, in case one of them is really a Merlin in disguise.