Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sparrow banding Sunday at Miami Whitewater

Last Sunday, Jaime and I went to the annual sparrow banding event put on by the Avian Research and Education Institute at Miami Whitewater Park. Good birds were seen, however no "good" (i.e. LeConte's, Henslow's, or Nelson's Sharptails) sparrows were caught except for Lincoln's.

Sister Marty Dermody was also conducting a Big Sit at the wetlands. There were some good birds on the list when I left.

Susan will love this post ;-)

Lincoln's Sparrow (above as well)

And, a quiz bird:

Answer at bottom of post.

And, here is a bad photo of a Nelson's Sharptailed Sparrow I found on my comp from years past at MW (my old crappy camera). Look at the pointy tail for which it is named.

And, just for a break from sparrows, here is a female Hairy Woodpecker that was caught out in the fields (?) Love the nictitating membrane!

There were also good butterflies flying around. Here is a Common Buckeye, they were everywhere!

Answer to quiz bird: Alternate form Savannah Sparrow

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