Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Po' boys cruise & Birds of Prey Day

On June 28th, I took my mother, girlfriend and nephew on an Ohio River cruise aboard BB Riverboat's Mark Twain. My mother always said she wanted to go on a cruise, and this is as close as I can afford, a poor man's cruise if you will. We boarded at the Chilo Lock #34 Park in Chilo.

We all had a good time. At the start of the cruise before boarding, Jaime dropped mother's disposable camera in the river - it was hilarious.

This is the first time that I have ever been in a lock. Pigeons and Barn Swallows were nesting in the cavities of the walls. Plants were growing on the ledges of the lock doors, creating a sort of micro habitat that moves. Below is a picture of a tiger lilly growing on the lock door.

The ride only lasted about an hour and a half, most of which was spent in the locks. It was interesting to see how they work.

After the boat ride, the Clermont Co. Park District's Raptor Day was starting to get going. Susan with Raptor Inc. was 1st up. I always enjoy her enthusiasm. There needs to be more people like her around.
Susan with Sylvester. (Click on her blog link above for better and more pics)

Next up was the Cincinnati Zoo's Wings of Wonder Bird Show. Below is a new bird for me, (too bad can't add it to my lifelist) the Spectacled Owl of Central and South America.

Mother thought it looked like a monkey. It had real silky feathers.

Next, was a Laughing Kookaburra from Australia. The audience was able to get it going.

And next, a Hyacinth Macaw from South America. The largest of the macaws and the largest flying parrot species.

And last but certainly not least, Sam the Bald Eagle. Sam is a local celebrity that works for the Cincinnati Reds and even has his own baseball card. Sam is flown before games at Great American Ballpark.

And, just in time for the 4th of July, this nice shot

In between presentations, Jaime and I took a walk in the nearby Crooked Run NP. The insects were better than the birds.

Male Blue-fronted Dancer

Banded Hairstreak

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  1. Just looking at that guy holding Sam makes my arm hurt.