Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grebes at East Fork

Spent a cold winter, I mean spring day looking for birds in the flooded surroundings of East Fork State Park. Saw some OK birds.

1 Eastern Phoebe
~10 Red-breasted Mergansers
2 Common Mergansers
~4 Common Loons calling and in breeding plumage
~10 Ruddy Ducks
~20 Horned Grebes
~10 Pied-billed Grebes
2 GB Herons
Ring-necked Ducks
Lesser Scaup
TONS of Buffleheads
1 Northern Shoveler male sleeping
Canada Geese

The Grebes and Buffleheads were swimming in the flooded parking lots at the beach.

Horned Grebe in Winter Plumage

Eared Grebe - this bird was different in profile than the nearby Horned Grebe. It got close enough to me that I could see in my scope the yellow plumes by the eye, but my camera's batteries died. This bird was molting. It had the high peek above eye and dark tip to bill. (the pic looks better on my camera than here for some reason)

Never seen an Eared Grebe before, so this would be a lifebird.

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