Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Odd hummer IDed!

Thursday, Oct. 25th - Bird was last seen at feeder.

Thursday, Oct. 18th

LATE BREAKING - Bird has been caught and banded by Tim Tolford. The bird is a juvenal male Ruby-throated - late pre-basic molt. It has some odd molt going on that threw me off.

More photos can be found on the bander's - Tim Tolford's website :

I could not see the color of this spot with the poor light and my poor optics. (again, I will readily accept any grants for new optics/camera).

This is what threw me off. Look at that molt. They are supposed to molt on their wintering grounds I thought? The short tail appeared to point up in flight, but it may have been an illusion created by the shortness and stiffness of the feather sheaths.

It had a lot of energy and was very feisty and vocal.

This is how tiny a hummingbird band is.


This bird has been coming to my feeders for about 2 weeks now. It has some very odd plumage and behavior.

The hummer's tail is very short. The bird flew up to me before this picture was taken and I could see a little tail that was in a 90° right angle pointed up in the air while hovering. See what you can do with editing - I will do what I can with my very limited software.

I currently have a digiscoping setup pointed out the back door on its favorite perch.

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