Thursday, October 05, 2006

What ever happened to bird flu?

What ever happened to avian influenza in the press? Maybe the current situation in Iraq (or with Iran or N. Korea) or the current scandals plaguing the party of fear is just moving the topic to the backburner. Whatever the cause, we may be hearing about bird flu once again.
I just happen to work as a stocker at a local grocery store. Therefore, the following information I am about to discuss here is not a presenting of some secret information. Rather, it is merely what I have observed and should be taken only as such. The sole reason for which I am choosing to disclose this information is that I feel people should not be left in the dark as to what is going on behind the scenes.
A couple of months ago, I had received with my check a letter from my employer stating that the U.S. government is urging that people stock up for the potential bird flu pandemic. It stated that food distributors and my company, at the government’s recommendations, are partnering up to stockpile food and water, as well as certain drugs, for future use in the event of a pandemic outbreak. However, what I thought was odd, is that these pallets of food and water have dates on them and warnings that state “Do not break down. Hold in back until further notice”. Here will probably be the only place that you will see actual dates posted, but here it goes:

The first pallet of canned foods arrived shortly after we had received the letter with our checks. It had a date code (which tells when it should be on display) of December, but I can’t remember the year. But, I can tell you that this particular pallet is on the sales floor now with no mention of bird flu as of yet.

Recently, more had come in. Associate protection kits that read something to the nature of “Avian influenza start-up kits” have also arrived. It is said to have vaccines, drugs, face masks, rubber gloves, etc. Along with these kits, more pallets of food and water have come in. The dates marked on the outside of these pallets (beside the notice mentioned above) are July (with a specific day, but I don’t remember exactly) 2007. It does not state that this is when it must be put out on the floor, just date code of 7-some day-2007.

Talking amongst my co-workers, we were joking around about the whole situation. We were talking about how we wouldn’t be made to wear rubber gloves or rubber suits. One of my co-workers asked another what can we do about it (meaning bird flu in general)? His response, “I guess I will have to just stay away from birds. I will have to quit feeding them.” Which got the response back “I guess I’ll have to shoot all the birds off around my house.” I tried to explain to them the REAL agenda behind all of this and that these actions are not warranted. But, I thought to myself, who is going to listen to someone that works in a grocery store, what the hell does he know. His responses also kind of made me wonder. Will others have the same knee jerk reaction to seeing displays in their local grocery encouraging them to stock up for bird flu? Also, the Business Continuity Plan for my company (I may regret this later, but my conscience says let it all out!) also states the pharmacy will be distributing information about bird flu to the general public in the near future. What will this cause? Why are grocery stores going to be the primary source of information for the general public on avian influenza? Kind of makes me worried.

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  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    You've taken a great stand at personal danger to yourself. I commend you.

    One major corp laying out their plans leads many others to "copy cat." This one seems like a fairly good one. You've done the world a favor, we owe you.